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Ashirwad was started in March 2007 and registered with the government a year later. For the last six years, we have been working towards motivating children in the rural pocket of Namcheypong in Pakyong, East Sikkim, to stay in school, by way of free coaching classes and extra-curricular activities like yoga, singing and dancing. In its initial days, it started with daily tuition classes from 5 pm to 7 pm. The following year, the attendance swelled to 50-60 students. With limited seating space, the students had to be divided into two batches – the morning batch for students up to Class IV, and the evening batch for students up to Class X. Realising the burden of costly coaching classes for the board exams (Classes X and XII), Ashirwad started its own winter coaching for Class X students in 2007. The response and the result were phenomenal. There were 85 enrolments. Every single one of them cleared the exam on the first attempt! The result of its efforts has been a 99% success rate! Of the 370 odd students who have been part of Ashirwad’s support education programme from 2007 uptill now, there we have had only two or three students who were not able to pass all their subjects in their first effort.

“Despite numerous facilities provided by the government, such as free education, free books, uniforms and food, and despite it having one of the best student-teacher ratios, Sikkim still has one of the highest drop-out rate in the country. The encouragement and the environment at home play a major role in keeping a child in school. When we started Ashirwad, our goal was simple: to provide support education and ensure the students spend more time doing what they should be doing than doing that which takes them away from education.”