• 3 “Each and every one of them (children) is ready and willing to learn and has a drive for knowledge that is not often displayed in people of their age... Mr and Mrs Chettri have created a community of students who are happy to be there, constantly smiling and diligently doing their work... From start to finish, this has been one of the best experiences of my life.”
    - Adam Volk, New Jersey, USA, the first foreign volunteer at Ashirwad
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    “Getting up at 5 am to teach is not my normal idea of fun, but somehow you think about the nine-year-old who has already walked a couple of miles that morning and is full of energy and desperate to know what a ‘ghost’ is… all of them (children) want to be at Ashirwad...”
    - Jenni Smout, England

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    “Volunteering at Ashirwad was the absolute best way to spend my time in Sikkim...The students were equally welcoming, smiling every minute as I helped them with their studies. They are some of the most eager and intelligent students that I have
    encountered in my life...”
    - Jessica Brandeisky, USA

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    “My work with the students was from the beginning a great pleasure i have never meet such open minded and interested young people and i just can't repeat the words which i spoke in my new year's speech on 14th april 2010, the Hindu new year! we all can
    be very proud to have such children, to have such a next generation. They are the future of India..”
    -Johanna Groemer, Austria