"Everybody talks about changing the system, but you cannot change a system at once, what you can so is work towards changing its future. And we want to be that agent of change."

   We conduct coaching throughout the year for students from classes I - X. This is attended by over 50-60 students on a daily basis. Because of the lack of space, we have divided the coaching class into two batches. The morning batch which starts at 6 is exclusively for kids upto class IV. The evening batch starts at 5 pm and is attended by the senior students.

   In most days students are helped out in their everyday homework. After the homework is over, the kids are taught new chapters related to their syllabus. Classes always begin and end with a prayer.

   In the times of festivals, the kids are taught music and dance as well. From last year onwards the senior students at ashirwad have formed their own football team and with the help of the organization, have been alloted kits for it.